Getting friendly with widow spiders

For a lot of people, black widows inspire fear, but to me they are friends with amazing habits and shy, unaggressive* natures. Check out Chris Buddle’s post over on Expiscor¬†for a conversation about these beautiful, misunderstood spiders!

Sean handles a juvenile black widow in the field (photo: Sean McCann)

Sean handles a juvenile western black widow. No, he did not get bitten! (photo: Sean McCann)

*In my experience, black widows are not aggressive towards humans. With potential prey (various arthropods including other spiders), of course, it’s an entirely different story!

5 thoughts on “Getting friendly with widow spiders

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  2. I have a many spiders with the exact design as the one displayed in the picture above, but they do not have hour glasses. I believe they do have a small splotch of white on the bottom of their abdomens though.
    Is it possible that some don’t have hour glasses? Also, what does the web structure look like? The ones in my back yard weave blanket like webs that they hang upside down on. They also don’t take shelter during the day.
    Please E-mail me the answers when you have time. If you have a suggestion of what spider this may be, if not a black widow, please share!
    Here is my e-mail address,
    Thank you!

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